Calling all Creatives!

Are you the kind of person who loves making things with you hands?

Do you love painting, baking, sculpting, woodworking, printmaking, or any other creative art form?

If so you might be interested in my Maker Sessions.

I would love to document you doing the thing you love, whether you are interested in having images for your business, a website, or just to keep for yourself as a documentation of something that speaks to your soul.

I have always been a creative person, I especially love printmaking and photography, and I think there is so much beauty in the process of creating something. Each artists environment is so unique, speaking directly to who they are and what they love. Watching an artistĀ find inspiration, gather their materials, and work on their masterpiece from start to finish is such a work of art itself and brings me great joy in documenting and witnessing that act.

If you are a creative who would like to learn more about having your process documented, please contact me!

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