– Meet Danielle –



growing up in a small town in upstate new york has shaped me as an artist. swimming in the river, wandering the woods, and creating a fishing pole out of knotted up fishing line, a sturdy stick and a discarded rusty hook, i learned to embrace the beauty within my surroundings.

i fell in love with lifestyle photography while a student at pratt institute in brooklyn, ny. i continue to challenge myself with documenting what makes the ordinary remarkable while still endeavoring to capture people honestly. i find the moments that may typically seem inconsequential are where the real magic happens.

in 2009 i gave birth to a wild and wonderful little boy. as he grew rapidly before my eyes, as children do, it hit home how quickly time passes and just how important it is to capture our memories.

i am here to freeze a particular time in your life for you. a mother consoling her child, a couple smitten with one another, siblings getting along and the very next second, bickering. these are the fleeting moments that are begging to be seized today so they can be cherished in the years to come.

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